Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Everyone's favorite but laziest thing to do: ordering in

Had a long day and can’t muster up the energy to cook a meal or venture off your comfy couch to a restaurant?   I’m basically describing myself six days a week. But what should you do? Microwave some Easy Mac or Ramen noodles? NO! I’ve found the two of the best websites that can deliver you anything your lazy heart desires.
There are too many restaurants in Boston for you to drag yourself to so let Foodler do it for you. Enter your address and Foodler brings up every restaurant close to you organized by cuisine. Next to each restaurants name are the discounts they’re offering such as 20% off, free delivery, low minimums, etc.  Once you have selected a restaurant Foodler provides you with their location, delivery and takeout hours. For every single restaurant on Foodler’s site there is a top rated and a most popular section so you can easily access customer favorites. A big plus for Foodler is that you are able to order from different restaurants on the same delivery. So if you’re in the mood for Thai but your roommates want Italian or Indian, don’t fight about it! Just use Foodler.
         Another online option for your delivery pleasure is Campus Foods. Campusfoods organizes their restaurants in alphabetical order so if you’re good at making decisions this is the site for you. Campusfoods allows customers to  create an account so they can obtain points to win free meals and discounts. Some of their special categories that make navigating their website easier are “Brunch”, “Cheap Eats”, “Fine Dining”, and “Late Night”. Campusfoods also provides another section called “Coupons & Specials” that lists every restaurant with their specials and discounts underneath. One of my favorite sections on Campusfoods is “Bars & Nightlife”. They list out different hot spots in Boston with their address, phone number, and a direct link to their website. So if you are in the mood to be lazy and order in and then be a party animal at later on, turn to Campusfoods.com. 

Has anyone ever had trouble with these sites? I know some restaurants can be a pain...horror stories to share?! Please let me know!