Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hello Again :)

To anyone that is still out there...

I'm starting to think a tumblr might be a better way to go with my absent blogger self. But anyway recently I've had that "Oh that would be fun to blog about!" Or "OH snap this pic to share online". Well so here I am, your fair-weather friend, giving this another go! 

Anyhoo - I'm currently on my last day of my mini vaca in Florida visiting my aunt and uncle. Desperately hoping for a week-long plane delay and WFFlorida status :) (thunderstorms please!) so I can stay and have an extra few days at the pool and snuggles with my aunt. Why would I want to leave this: 

But I did get to try this:

...for the first time ever. And thoughts go as follows...
1. NOT work 1000 calories - holy hell who are they kidding
2. still delicious
3. Who doesn't prefer waffle fries?

The above was mixed up with a few delicious meals

{boneless short ribs with polenta, crispy onions & grilled zucchini}

{Grilled Salmon with herb risotto, heirloom tomatoes & grilled asparagus}


Back to clean (read bland) eating this week...yippe...

Flight back to the Bean at 7am tomorrow morning..and straight to work (not so bad)

let's see if this blogging thing sticks this time!