Thursday, September 15, 2011

On Fridays Thing Should Sparkle

It's the beginning of the weekend, those three days that you can hide from all your responsibilities and have fun and let loose! And what's more fun then glitter? It brings me back to my childhood when all I cared about was glue and crayons...and of course glitter.

No matter what your plans are for the weekend make sure you sparkle! 


Secret Indulgence: Brunch

You know that favorite meal that we all love to eat but often are too lazy to get out of bed for? The meal where you can order almost anything sans judgment from your companions? Brunch. What are the best places to indulge yourself and treat yourself to this divine meal? Well I’ll tell you...
            Remember those amazing 24-hour diners that used to be on every block back home? At least I do. Growing up in Queens, NY I was always surrounded by a surplus of diners. Unfortunately, Boston does not believe in the necessity for 24-hour food establishments. So what’s the next best thing? Brookline’s very own Busy Bee Diner (of course no official website- fits with the theme of the place- so here is the Yelp review). Located at 1046 Beacon St, it's the best place to go on a budget.  Don’t be fooled by the rough exterior. The d├ęcor of Busy Bee Diner might not be the most elegant but the food combined with the prices and the efficiency of service makes Busy Bee the place to be 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week.

           Another favorite is Eastern Standard.  Eastern Standard combines New England and European cuisines to provide customers with comfort foods everyone loves. At the Eastern Standard options range from a cheddar omelet with a side of home fries and toast for $11 to duck confit hash with chorzio and a poached egg for $12. Every meal at the Eastern Standard is accompanied with top-notch service and a classy atmosphere. 

            I would be cheating on brunch if I forgot to mention Zaftigs.  It’s a neighborhood favorite and a favorite spot in Boston. Breakfast is served throughout the day (lucky us!) along with other lunch and dinner dishes.  Options range from cheddar-apple omelet and banana stuffed French toast (both only $9.95) or cheese blintzes for $6.95 and sweet noodle kugel for $4.95.  Located at 335 Harvard Street, it is located right in the middle of Coolidge Corner and opened daily from 8:00 A.M. to 10PM. 

Any other Boston brunch recommendations?! There has to be 100s....I'm always looking to expand my horizons! Please post suggestions! 

Happy Brunch! 


Welcome to Pink Zin!

So I always thought I would be one of those girls that would never ever have her own blog. What did I have to say that would be interesting to anyone else in the world? I'm still not sure if there is anything but I figure why not? I have things I would like to share and whoever is willing to listen (or read) well enjoy!
As a senior studying public relations at Boston University, I've committed myself to making the most out of my last year in this wonderful bubble that we all call college. As the president of my sorority of Alpha Epsilon Phi, I have plenty to keep me busy. Whether it be spending time with friends or sisters, I love keeping myself busy and filling my Lilly Pulitzer planner with different socials and events!