Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday Readers! 

How was everyone's weekend? I did a whole lot of nothing...and it was absolutely amazing! It was so nice to just have a relaxing weekend not rushing around the city trying to cram a million things in at once! 

On friday night, a friend came over and we had take-out Chinese and watched the Opening ceremonies- what did you all think? I thought the intro was...interesting? It was cool moving through the decades of Britain's history but what did that exactly have to do with the Olympics? It was funny when they did the Queen + James Bond bit and I enjoyed the music montage of the 70s but otherwise ehhh. 

Two things I absolutely loved- the lighting of the torch and the fact that they chose the next generation of Olympians to have the honor- seriously cool. And I also loved watching the Parade of Nations, so cool to see athletes from literally all over the world together in one spot and to know that a majority of the world was watching! 

Saturday, I spent the morning doing a little shopping before I had to head into work at ITP. I picked up these two goodies: 

(Maxi Skirt from Forever 21) 
new Kate Spade earrings! 

Saturday night I enjoyed cocktails and snacks at a local bar/restaurant called Eastern Standard- very relaxed, fun evening! 

fave cocktail- Blueberry Thrill! 

Then Sunday I spent a lazy morning on the couch flipping back and forth between the Olympics and Matilda! Then I spent the afternoon being domestic and baked corn muffins and then at night-homemade guac, and for dinner- grilled asparagus, salmon with a lemon glaze and rice pilaf. Everything was delish! 

My roomies and I also made a froyo trip at the end of the night and watched women's gymnastics! 

Not a bad weekend I would say! Lazy, relaxing and fun! 

Have a great Monday readers! 


Friday, July 27, 2012

YAY for Friday!

Happy Friday Readers!

This post is going to be full a few random thoughts so please bear with me!

  • I saw The Dark Knight Rises last night with pretty much my entire office and it was absolutely amazing! Never been much of a Batman fan (I will admit that I only saw the Dark Knight for the first time last weekend....shhh!) but the film was so good! I sat at the edge of my seat the entire time! And the ending....omg. I don't want to spill the beans for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but definitely get to the movies ASAP! 
  • The previews for Dark Knight were also so so good. TAKEN 2?! I will most definitely be seeing that in theaters! I loved the first one and was so pumped when I found out they were making a sequel. 
  • Christian're beautiful...and sexy and just overall perfect. Please play Christian in 50 Shades of Grey. 
  • I'm super pumped to do a whole lot of NOTHING this weekend! Nothing planned- just relaxing! 
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! 


Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's OK Thursdays...

Happy Thursday Readers! 

Hurray for blogging two days in a row! And what's more appropriate than linking up for It's Okay Thursdays! There's a bunch of different things I'm OK with on this thursday...

I'm super OK with the fact that I just signed a lease for a new apartment in Fall! Make's me sooo eager for September to get here! 

I'm OK with see the new Batman movie with my office this afternoon! Hurray for company outings to the movies! 

I'm not OK with the current weather...grey skies, cloudy, and humid- not a fan! 

I'm super OK with it almost being the weekend! Even though I have to work on Saturday, ITP is having a big sale so it should be busy which will help make the hours fly by! 

It's (kinda) OK to go to the same salad place multiple times a week...not okay that sometimes the salads I get are so loaded with extra toppings, I think it defeats the purpose of having an actual salad....

It's be completely obsessed with this Marley Lilly is tomorrow and I feel like I need to stop buying summer clothes, so maybe I should finally take the plunge and buy this clutch! 

What are you OK with today?!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So I am really the worst blogger around...

Happy Tuesday Readers! (if  I even have any left...)

First of all, I have some serious respect for some of you blogging gals that can keep up with blogging consistently, every week! Really seriously impressive. I would say every Monday, as I start my work week, I always say to myself "OK, this is going to be the week I get back into the swing of the blogging world" and then noon comes around and I get caught up at work or something comes up and blogging gets pushed to the back of my mind. It's not like I don't continue to read my favorite blogs, or follow all you lovely ladies on instagram, twitter, pinterest, pretty much any social media outlet...I just develop like a brain block to keeping up with Pink Zin. But I guess this week, I'm feeling extra inspired so I'm going to give it another shot! I hope ya'll can bear with me and not think I am the worst blogger in the world :)

To update you on where I've been the last month, here's a few photos to sum it up...

Celebrating the 4th of July/long weekend (YAY for having thurs & fri off of that week!) in CT and Long Beach Island in New Jersey! It was awesome to have a full 5 days on the beach to relax and have fun with some of my best friends from college. 

Celebrating the 4th with coronas and koozies :) 

Since the long weekend, I've enjoyed a few long work weeks, afterwork drinks with coworkers, and a few beach days! 

Beach in MA! 

Also, in BIGGER NEWS! I officially signed for an apartment today! It's located in the "North End" in downtown boston! The perfect location to work, downtown nightlife and restaurants. It's exactly what my roommate and I wanted and I could not be happier! The search was extremely stressful and time-consuming so I could not be happier that it's over! Now it's time for furniture searching and decorating research :) I'm taking all the furniture from my bedroom so I just need to buy a new comforter and then we need to get everything for the living room! 
**Get ready for some pinterest heavy blog posts**

Otherwise, I'm still working in sales, mon-fri and at In the Pink on the weekends! Busy, busy! I'm debating wether or not I want to write about the company I work for... too personal or not? The thing is, I feel like a ton of you would really be into the company and could even use it...hint hint it's an app for your iphone/android!! Maybe a post all about it in the next few weeks! 

Well here's to more regular blogging! I hope I have better luck this time!