Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's OK Thursdays...

Happy Thursday Readers! 

Hurray for blogging two days in a row! And what's more appropriate than linking up for It's Okay Thursdays! There's a bunch of different things I'm OK with on this thursday...

I'm super OK with the fact that I just signed a lease for a new apartment in Fall! Make's me sooo eager for September to get here! 

I'm OK with see the new Batman movie with my office this afternoon! Hurray for company outings to the movies! 

I'm not OK with the current weather...grey skies, cloudy, and humid- not a fan! 

I'm super OK with it almost being the weekend! Even though I have to work on Saturday, ITP is having a big sale so it should be busy which will help make the hours fly by! 

It's (kinda) OK to go to the same salad place multiple times a week...not okay that sometimes the salads I get are so loaded with extra toppings, I think it defeats the purpose of having an actual salad....

It's be completely obsessed with this Marley Lilly is tomorrow and I feel like I need to stop buying summer clothes, so maybe I should finally take the plunge and buy this clutch! 

What are you OK with today?!



  1. Hey! Found you through "It's Okay" Thursdays. These made me laugh. hehe Thanks for linking up! You can find me over at

  2. That's so awesome about your new apartment! Can't wait to hear more about it. :)