Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Fancies!

Happy Friday!

Thank goodness it's finally the end of the week! I am really looking forward to some fun plans this weekend and mostly to just sleep in and relax. Thanksgiving and returning home cannot happen soon enough in my opinion.

Celebrating Fall sweets and flavors with Friday Fancies, can anything be better? I love cranberry sauce and especially the color cranberry. So of course I based my Friday Fancies on just that:

Even though this would probably be a cranberry overload, I do really like each individual piece of this outfit (and would probably wear them all together actually).

What's your favorite fall outfit treat and outfit to match?


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall via Instagram!

Happy Tuesday! 

I know most, if not all of you probabllllyy don't follow me on twitter/instagram (you should!) so I figured I would sum up the fall season aka my fave seaon aka the best season (minus Christmas of course but that doesn't really count as a season does it? 

{See this view everytime I go running - can't complain about living in Boston}

{beautiful fall flowers from a local farmer's market in Boston}

{shipyard pumpkinheads with a cinnamon sugar rim- need I say more}

{fave candy and fave season combined into one- what can be better?}

{foodtruck thursdays! - that's not a real thing but usually on Thursdays, I'll go to one of the amazingg food trucks that park themselves in Downtown Boston. This lunch is from Bon Me and is sobu noodles with park and a delish sesame dressing - AMAZING!}

{yes this was happening at the end of my block one Sunday, casual afternoon bbq in the North End!}

{pumpkin chocolate chip muffins - THE BEST, and everyone at the office loved them which is a fun plus!}

{acorns hehe aren't these the cutest! nutter butters with hershey kisses and melted chocolate!}

{pretty fall pumpkins at market in Beacon Hill} 

{Boston Public Garden one gorgeous saturday afternoon - I lovee my city, especially in the fall!}

{pretty hike in NH}

{I have an obsession with candles, specifically fall scented candled, specifically from Bath & Body Works, especially when they're 2 for $20}

{one ambitious sunday I made homemade pasta sauce - just like how my mom, grandma, aunts used to make! It was DELISH!}

Isn't instagram the best?! Follow me @ESGULOTTA!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday!

Did everyone survive the first (and probably the worst) day of the week? I certainly hope so! Mondays can certainly be such a drag and I always end up drinking a bit too much coffee than I probably should have and the gym after work is that much harder than it is any other day. BUT now it's almost 10pm and a glass of wine deep and enjoying a new episode of Gossip Girl! 

How was everyone's weekend? I have to say, I had a great weekend! Plenty of good times and laughs with great friends :)

{out celebrating my friend Christina's birthday at Cleary's! Things got prettttty weird (in the best way possible on the dance floor that night...}

{ran into some good friends from highschool!}

{birthday brunch on Saturday for my friend Christina! Is it bad I order eggs benedict every single time I go out for brunch?}

{me and my big - the original princesses in the aephi princess pham!}

{me and some friends listening to love music at Hennessey's (local bar) on Saturday night - why does live music make everything more fun?}

Can't wait to read about everyone's weekend! 


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Relaxing Day!

Happy Sunday! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I sure did, lots of good times with friends- Weekend recap tomorrow. Otherwise I've spent the majority of today being extremely lazy and occupying my couch for the entire day. To sum up my Sunday: 

Hope everyone has a great evening! I know I'm spending the rest of my Sunday with Once Upon a Time, Revenge and Homeland! Sunday TV nights are the best nights :)


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Going on a Grouper... (what's that?)

Happy Wednesday! 

aka Happy Hump Day ladies :) I hope everyones week is going well and hopefully going fast ;) Wednesdays are such a tease sometimes because it's almost the weekend....(thursday counts as the weekend right?!). 

So some of you may have realized or picked up on the fact that I've haven't mentioned a boy on this little blog of mine...well ever... Or maybe you didn't haha that's fine too. But basically there is no boy in my life currently, and actually hasn't been for a while! I was dating someone during college and went through a really, really awful, horrible, I don't even want to share the upsetting break-up details with you all- break- up (did that make sense?). I've been solo for about a year now and I can confidently say that I am happy. I would be lying if I said I was never lonely. Because of course I am sometimes, it would be nice to have a guy in my life that loved me and I knew was there for me. But for now, I don't have that and it's okay with me. I think being alone for this long has taught me to be more confident, more independent and just overall content. I've been focusing on post-grad life- settling into my new apartment, settling into my career (separate post on that later!), focusing on friendships - new & old, family, and above all myself. 

Now, onto the fun part of this post. Tomorrow night I'm going on a Grouper date with two girlfriends from work. What is grouper?? Well it is a new social networking site that sets up 3 girls with 3 guys and you go on a group date organized by Grouper. They pick the time and place and all you have to do is show up! 

Why might am I doing this? Well because it's going to be hilarious, obviously. And it has the potential to be fun! My friend from work heard about it from friends who went on a Grouper in NYC and they said they had a great time! Did they meet the man of their dreams? No, but they met a group of guys that they wouldn't mind hanging out with again and they just had an overall fun time. 

So yes, I'm online dating when I'm 22. But notttt reallyy since it's a group thing aka I won't be alone and I'm mostly doing this for the story. I mean drinks with three guys with some of my girlfriends- WHY NOT? 

Also, you can submit two truths and a lie to the other group in advance if you'd like and this is what they've submitted to us: 

All-in-all the evening is shaping up to be prettyyy darn interesting. Stories (and hopefully photos) to come on the blog shortly!  


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Happy Tuesday! 

I hope everyone had a fantastic and relaxing weekend (and made it through monday which in my opinion is the hardest day of the week). I spent the whole weekend with my aunt and mom who visited Boston for the weekend! We spent 3 days shopping, eating and some drinking! My aunt and mom spoiled me silly this weekend but I loved every second of it. My aunt bought a bunch of home goods/decorations for my apartment (home tour coming soon!). And she also bought my a new Michael Kors peacoat! I can't find a pic online but it was 50% off plus an extra 10% off plus my mom decided to open a Lord & Taylor credit card so we got an additional 15% off - WOW - such a steal for such a beautiful coat (can you tell I'm a bit obsessed hehe). Otherwise I'll sum up the weekend with a few photos: 

{finallyyy upgraded from my old droid to an iphone! I just got the 4S- wasn't ready to spend all that $$ on the 5 and I haven't head the BEST things about it so I didn't think it was worth it!}

{new lock screen cover! you can find it here}

{shopping with my beautiful momma!}

{new Kate Spade goodies - I wasn't going to let all those Lord & Taylor discounts go to waste...}

{me and my mom at one of the bars where my fam was staying!}

{family- mom, me, and my aunt!}

{a few friends joined us for some cocktails after dinner!}

How was your weekend?! Can't wait to read all about it!

AND...HAPPY ELECTION DAY EVERYONE! Please exercise your RIGHT TO VOTE today! I know I will be during my lunch break :) 


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Life as of Late!

Happy Saturday!

Hope everyone had a great week and are enjoying a fantastic Saturday! I know by week was filled with a big parents and my aunt visiting and fun times with friends and family! 

*To those of you affected by Hurricane Sandy- I pray for your family and your loved ones and hopefully everyone is safe and recovering. My families home in Long Island is completely destroyed so I understand the devastating effects that Sandy had on all :(

So since there have been a ton of changes in my life since I last posted (moved into my first "big-girl" apt in a brand new neighborhood in Boston, switched positions at work, etc) I figure I should split the "life update" posts into separate posts. So this one is just to recap what I've been up to socially for the last few months!

{first night out in the North End with my roomie @ one of our fave summer bars, called Tias}

{At a Fall Gala Benefit - beautiful venue right on the water...and I thought dressing up with friends was only for formal season in college!}

{Harpoon Brewery Octoberfest}
*anyone notice the chicken hats?!

{new friends from work at Octoberfest!}

{Harvard Square Octoberfest in Cambridge- can you tell I'm a little obsessed with Octoberfests...}

{after-work drinks with coworkers!}

{best friend from BU came back to Boston for a visit!}

{beautiful hike in New Hampshire}

{at the top!}

{post hike}

{this NYC girl was really embracing this hike if you couldn't tell...}

{picnic on top of the mountain!}

{Halloween as Where's Waldo - but easy? yes!}

So that's been my fall so far! Transitioning into post-grad life hasn't been too bad (as you can see) but it's definitely VERY different than being college (obviously). Another post on that though sooon...

Have a great weekend everyone!