Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall via Instagram!

Happy Tuesday! 

I know most, if not all of you probabllllyy don't follow me on twitter/instagram (you should!) so I figured I would sum up the fall season aka my fave seaon aka the best season (minus Christmas of course but that doesn't really count as a season does it? 

{See this view everytime I go running - can't complain about living in Boston}

{beautiful fall flowers from a local farmer's market in Boston}

{shipyard pumpkinheads with a cinnamon sugar rim- need I say more}

{fave candy and fave season combined into one- what can be better?}

{foodtruck thursdays! - that's not a real thing but usually on Thursdays, I'll go to one of the amazingg food trucks that park themselves in Downtown Boston. This lunch is from Bon Me and is sobu noodles with park and a delish sesame dressing - AMAZING!}

{yes this was happening at the end of my block one Sunday, casual afternoon bbq in the North End!}

{pumpkin chocolate chip muffins - THE BEST, and everyone at the office loved them which is a fun plus!}

{acorns hehe aren't these the cutest! nutter butters with hershey kisses and melted chocolate!}

{pretty fall pumpkins at market in Beacon Hill} 

{Boston Public Garden one gorgeous saturday afternoon - I lovee my city, especially in the fall!}

{pretty hike in NH}

{I have an obsession with candles, specifically fall scented candled, specifically from Bath & Body Works, especially when they're 2 for $20}

{one ambitious sunday I made homemade pasta sauce - just like how my mom, grandma, aunts used to make! It was DELISH!}

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  1. Must try that beer! Love the BBQ on the corner, how do you snare an invite??

  2. You live in Boston? Hey neighbor! I'm in RI. :)