Thursday, November 1, 2012

Back & Better Than Ever!

Hi Readers! (if you're still out there...)

So I've neglected my little blog (with an even littler following) for quite some time now, too much time in my opinion. So I think now that life has settled down a bit more and I've fallen into more of a routine, I'm going to give this little guy (or blogs have genders?) another shot! 

It's ironic that I go through these spurts of writing posts and being obsessed with blogging and then straight to the "Oh I don't have time for that right now..." or the famous "I have nothing to write about..." (there's ALWAYS something to right about- that doesn't mean that something is interesting or enjoyable to read- but there is always something to write about!) BUT at the very same time, I still keep up with all of YOUR blogs! Seriously, I do! I may not comment (ok I don't comment) but I do read them! It's really one of my favorite things to do at the office during downtime (besides FBing, Twittering, and Instagramming - damn this girl is busy!). So why shouldn't I post? I think I've built up in my head that blogging is this huge, overwhelming hobby and that every post needs to be perfect or that they need to be about some awesome recipe I cooked or DIY I did. But here's the thing- I don't cook that much and I NEVER do DIY projects. I think I just need to focus on writing about things that make me happy and stop worrying if the posts are good enough- because if they're good enough for me that's all that matters! 

So with a fresh blog design and a new determination for this little blog- here it goes! Wish me luck and for those of you who by some strange occurrence are reading this- THANK YOU for showing Pink Zin (and me) some love and attention. We appreciate it! 


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  1. I'm still out here! And no worries, I hardly ever have time to write, but I read every single day.