Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hello Again :)

To anyone that is still out there...

I'm starting to think a tumblr might be a better way to go with my absent blogger self. But anyway recently I've had that "Oh that would be fun to blog about!" Or "OH snap this pic to share online". Well so here I am, your fair-weather friend, giving this another go! 

Anyhoo - I'm currently on my last day of my mini vaca in Florida visiting my aunt and uncle. Desperately hoping for a week-long plane delay and WFFlorida status :) (thunderstorms please!) so I can stay and have an extra few days at the pool and snuggles with my aunt. Why would I want to leave this: 

But I did get to try this:

...for the first time ever. And thoughts go as follows...
1. NOT work 1000 calories - holy hell who are they kidding
2. still delicious
3. Who doesn't prefer waffle fries?

The above was mixed up with a few delicious meals

{boneless short ribs with polenta, crispy onions & grilled zucchini}

{Grilled Salmon with herb risotto, heirloom tomatoes & grilled asparagus}


Back to clean (read bland) eating this week...yippe...

Flight back to the Bean at 7am tomorrow morning..and straight to work (not so bad)

let's see if this blogging thing sticks this time! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Fancies!

Happy Friday! 

I'm especially happy today because not only is it Friday, meaning I survived the work week and it's the official start to the weekend buttt it also means I'm only two days away from being in sunny Mexico! If I haven't already made it clear, I'm seriously so excited to just relax, tan, drink, enjoy my best friends company and just have some fun! 

{Well I'm definitely taking advantage of mine!}

Traveling this weekend means I am missing all of the St. Patrick's Day festivities which to be honest, I'm definitely bummed about! My friends are doing a bar crawl on Saturday and then the parade on Sunday! BUT there will be many, many more St. Patrick's Days and only so many vacations! 

But to get in the spirit I've put together two outfits for Friday Fancies

I love the "day" outfit and it was a bit warmer in Boston I would definitely wear something like that for St. Patrick's Day! And if I had a fancy place to go at night (I'm not sure if St. Patrick's day could be considered a "fancy" holiday) I would definitely wear this emerald dress! 

Can't wait to see everyone else's outfits! 

I'll be back in a week! TTYS! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday! 

I hope everyone is surviving this week! I know I personally have been struggling to stay motivated since all I can think about is laying on a beach and soaking up the sun in 3 short days! I'm almost all packed and just need to get organized and add a few additional things! Need to download a few more Kindle books and maybe a movie or two (any suggestions?!) otherwise I'm MORE than ready to go! 

I wanted to share with you a few articles, quotes, random things I've stumbled across online. I know I'm always looking for fun new things to read and see when I browse the web so maybe these will give you  fun lunchtime distraction! 

Check out this article titled "Is Being Stressed Out the New Status Symbol" from Levo League (one of my favorite sites - seriously subscribe to it if you have not done so already. At work I sometimes feel like if I'm not busy/stressed then I'm not being effective and not producing valuable but work. But that's ridiculous - why should I feel guilty for being productive! This article speaks to that! 

Have the travel bug? I definitely do - and these photos just make me want to get out of the states and travel the world! I've been fortunate enough to have traveled to Europe but there are so many places that I can't wait to explore and cities I can't wait to see again. Day dream while browsing through this New York Times article... it's hard not too. 

For a fun giggle - check out this What Should We Call Me - I often feel this way about too many coworkers... 

Have you seen J.Crew's must-haves! I WANT ALL OF THEM! Every color is perfect, every shirt/top/shorts/pants is perfect. And the jewelry? DONE. I even want the PJ's! 

And to end with a quote from Mrs. Roosevelt

Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.” – Eleanor Roosevelt