Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's OK Thursday....

Happy Thursday Everyone! 

YAY for it almost being the weekend :) My mom is coming to visit today and is staying through Sunday so it should be a nice combo of fun and relaxation. I'm also participating in the Climb to the Top event benefitting MS on Saturday AM with some coworkers! I used to participate in a lot of philanthropy and fundraising back in college through my involvement in my sorority. But since graduation there haven't been many opportunities to give back or get involved so I'm really excited for this event! 

How do you stay involved in your community post graduation from college? 

Anyway, I'm linking up for It's OK Thursday since I'm OK with a lot of things today! 

It's OK....that I'm obsessed with  Pret A Manger! They recently opened 2 in Boston and I love getting coffee and breakfast from there in the morning after the gym. The staff is always SO friendly and the place just smells amazing. Feels very un-chain-y which I like! 

It's OK...that a fun surprise arrived in my mailbox last night! My mom bought me new Kate Spade gloves! I love them and really like that they're called "the big apple" :) 
*since this was a gift, I'm still sticking to my no-shopping for Lent*

It's (really) OK...that I made it to Barre Burn this morning at the gym! I love that class so much! And I must say I'm proud of myself for getting to the gym before work 2x this week! 

It's OK...that my mom is coming to town this weekend! It means yummy food and good wine and some fun mother/daughter time! 

It's not OK...that it's March 1st tomorrow - um WHERE did the time go?? I feel like the days go by slowly (hello 9-5) but then all the sudden it's almost spring?! (not that I'm complaining about that!).

What are you OK with today?


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  

Otherwise known as Happy Hump Day! Hope everyone is surviving the week! I had such a weird day at work yesterday - went to an event that ended up not really happening so had to make the trek back into the office for the rest of the afternoon. Broke up the day weirdly for me - and I felt like I couldn't get back into the work groove again. Does that ever happen to anyone? 

Anyways - I figure since it's my first official week back - I wanted to participate in What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie! It's almost March...which means it's almost spring and warm weather...which means it's almost summer? Ok.. I guess that's kinda a stretch hehe. 

I'm Loving.... Starbucks and Toffee Nut Coffees. Yum yum and such a perfect afternoon pick me up! 

I'm Loving...that I was able to go to one of my favorite college cafes yesterday for lunch! They have the most delicious flatbread pizzas, salads and paninis. I used to eat there at least 1-3 times a week haha. Yesterday I had the steak, arugula and feta cheese flat bread and it was delish as usual. 

I'm breakfast this morning! I woke up a little earlier than usual and was able to make eggs for breakfast! It always makes my start to the day a little bit easier!  (Not pictures - 2 clementines) 

I'm mug from Anthropologie! It's the perfect size for my coffee in the morning ( I also take a to-go cup for work - just call me a coffee addict!) 

I'm not loving...that I gave up shopping for Lent! I mean it's definitely a good thing for my wallet...but I'm lusting over so many things! (post about this to come soon!) 

What are you loving on this rainy wednesday?!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Happy Tuesday Readers!

I'm trying to get some sort of weekly blogging schedule down and I definitely want to include a weekend recap in here somewhere - I'm thinking Mondays make the most sense (which seems obvious) but since this is my first week back, it'll have to be on a Tuesday!

I had a really great weekend! I've been traveling and have had friends visiting the last couple of weeks so this was the first weekend that I finally had some time to just relax and not feel pressured to do anything!

Friday, I went for a drink and some snacks with some friends from work! And I took this pic on my walk from work - it was so refreshing that it was light out after 5pm!

Then I ran some errands - which is unusual for a Friday afternoon but made me feel super productive which was nice! I hit up Trader Joes for some groceries (TJ faves coming in a post soon!), Sephora (to exchange an eyeliner) and Bath & Body Work's. They were having a 2 for $22 candle sale which is a stealll since they're usually $20 each! AND they had my fave sent in the back! Salted Caramel - this candle is ADDICTING! Granted I don't usually burn it in my room because it's a bit too sweet but it's a perfect living room/kitchen candle.

Then at night I finally saw Argo with my roomie! Such a good movie and I think it totally deserved best picture! And not to mention how good his speech was at the Oscars last night! 

Saturday was relaxing and some time at the gym! Then a night out on the town- dancing, drinking, and some pizza at 1am (woops I'll make up for that in spin tonight!) 

And then ALL of Sunday was spent watching Downton Abbey. I'm already on season 3...and I just started watching last week. WOOPS. I'm OBSESSED with the show. The grandmother is hilarious, the relationship between Mary and Mathew is amazing and frustrating at the same time, and I root for Anna and Mr. Bate's at the end of every hour. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when Season 3 ends and I have to wait for next year...

How was your weekend?! 


Monday, February 25, 2013

So It's Been a While...

Hi everyone!

I think it's definitely about time to give this little blog some more lovin'! I definitely want to try to get back into blogging so please bare with me as I attempt to get back into the groove!

I think when I tried to restart Pink Zin back in November, I never really shared what was going on with my life! So I figure rather than do a massive catch up post ( I might eventually break that down into December, January, & Feb....) I would share more important things going on, like where I work? Where I live??

So to start with my employement since it's where I spend the majority of my time...
* Isn't that kinda sad?? I went from spending the majority of my time with my friends, or like in the library at school (well sometimes). And now I spend my 9-5 at work. womp womp growing up is kinda lame.*

I started working at LevelUp (mobile payment start up) back in June (read 2 weeks after graduation - such a longgg break- right?!) 

LevelUp is the mobile payment company - meaning it's a free app you can download on your phone and use it to pay for food/drinks/etc at participating businesses across the country. The biggest cities we're in currently are Boston, Chicago, Philly, NYC, Atlanta, & San Fran. 

I've been in 3 different positions so far at the company. I started as an entry level sales position aka cold calling all day everyday (it was painful to say the least). And then I switched over to Launching- meaning once a location went live on LevelUp, I would help make them a "healthy merchant" for the first two months of their partnership - walk them through marketing programs and tools, act in a support role, etc. That position I loved and really excelled with. I had a client-facing relationship finally, I was able to manage their accounts and become familiar with how different business' ran their day-to-day operations. I was able to use my inter-personal skills, communication skills, management skills, & organization skills that I developed from being president of my sorority in college. 

Thenn...back in November of 2012 - I was moved from a local launcher (meaning I dealt with businesses with 1-2 locations) to an Enterprise Marketing Coordinator. Meaning I do essentially what I was doing before but for much bigger and more important clients :) It was a super exciting change- new team & new desk & new manager.
*This might be why I lost my groove with Pink Zin - I spent 100% of my time focusing on my new job*

{new biz cards}

{new digs}

Did I ever think I would be working for a tech start up right out of school? Absolutely not. But I am very happy where I am and I know that I'm learning a lot and gaining a ton of experience that will prove to be useful to me down the road - where that road goes, I'm not sure. How I'm going to get there, I'm definitely not sure. But I figure, I can learn along the way right?! 

I try to keep things like this in mind as much as possible...

I wish I had everything planned out - an exact 10 year plan. But I think there's some things you can't plan every detail around - hard work and faith pay off! 

Glad to be back!