Monday, February 25, 2013

So It's Been a While...

Hi everyone!

I think it's definitely about time to give this little blog some more lovin'! I definitely want to try to get back into blogging so please bare with me as I attempt to get back into the groove!

I think when I tried to restart Pink Zin back in November, I never really shared what was going on with my life! So I figure rather than do a massive catch up post ( I might eventually break that down into December, January, & Feb....) I would share more important things going on, like where I work? Where I live??

So to start with my employement since it's where I spend the majority of my time...
* Isn't that kinda sad?? I went from spending the majority of my time with my friends, or like in the library at school (well sometimes). And now I spend my 9-5 at work. womp womp growing up is kinda lame.*

I started working at LevelUp (mobile payment start up) back in June (read 2 weeks after graduation - such a longgg break- right?!) 

LevelUp is the mobile payment company - meaning it's a free app you can download on your phone and use it to pay for food/drinks/etc at participating businesses across the country. The biggest cities we're in currently are Boston, Chicago, Philly, NYC, Atlanta, & San Fran. 

I've been in 3 different positions so far at the company. I started as an entry level sales position aka cold calling all day everyday (it was painful to say the least). And then I switched over to Launching- meaning once a location went live on LevelUp, I would help make them a "healthy merchant" for the first two months of their partnership - walk them through marketing programs and tools, act in a support role, etc. That position I loved and really excelled with. I had a client-facing relationship finally, I was able to manage their accounts and become familiar with how different business' ran their day-to-day operations. I was able to use my inter-personal skills, communication skills, management skills, & organization skills that I developed from being president of my sorority in college. 

Thenn...back in November of 2012 - I was moved from a local launcher (meaning I dealt with businesses with 1-2 locations) to an Enterprise Marketing Coordinator. Meaning I do essentially what I was doing before but for much bigger and more important clients :) It was a super exciting change- new team & new desk & new manager.
*This might be why I lost my groove with Pink Zin - I spent 100% of my time focusing on my new job*

{new biz cards}

{new digs}

Did I ever think I would be working for a tech start up right out of school? Absolutely not. But I am very happy where I am and I know that I'm learning a lot and gaining a ton of experience that will prove to be useful to me down the road - where that road goes, I'm not sure. How I'm going to get there, I'm definitely not sure. But I figure, I can learn along the way right?! 

I try to keep things like this in mind as much as possible...

I wish I had everything planned out - an exact 10 year plan. But I think there's some things you can't plan every detail around - hard work and faith pay off! 

Glad to be back! 


  1. I totally wish we could plans our lives and everything just work out, but you're right... it can't always be that way! Sounds like your job is great!