Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  

Otherwise known as Happy Hump Day! Hope everyone is surviving the week! I had such a weird day at work yesterday - went to an event that ended up not really happening so had to make the trek back into the office for the rest of the afternoon. Broke up the day weirdly for me - and I felt like I couldn't get back into the work groove again. Does that ever happen to anyone? 

Anyways - I figure since it's my first official week back - I wanted to participate in What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie! It's almost March...which means it's almost spring and warm weather...which means it's almost summer? Ok.. I guess that's kinda a stretch hehe. 

I'm Loving.... Starbucks and Toffee Nut Coffees. Yum yum and such a perfect afternoon pick me up! 

I'm Loving...that I was able to go to one of my favorite college cafes yesterday for lunch! They have the most delicious flatbread pizzas, salads and paninis. I used to eat there at least 1-3 times a week haha. Yesterday I had the steak, arugula and feta cheese flat bread and it was delish as usual. 

I'm breakfast this morning! I woke up a little earlier than usual and was able to make eggs for breakfast! It always makes my start to the day a little bit easier!  (Not pictures - 2 clementines) 

I'm mug from Anthropologie! It's the perfect size for my coffee in the morning ( I also take a to-go cup for work - just call me a coffee addict!) 

I'm not loving...that I gave up shopping for Lent! I mean it's definitely a good thing for my wallet...but I'm lusting over so many things! (post about this to come soon!) 

What are you loving on this rainy wednesday?!



  1. That Anthro mug is so cute! Glad to see you posting again!! xo

    (PS I used to be Turtles and Pearls..I gave my blog a new name!)

  2. That mug is so cute! Also, way to go on giving up shopping for lent, i should have done that :) Stopping by from WILW :)

  3. Awesome job on giving up shopping for lent!! You can make a list of things you're lusting over and if it is still something you want once lent is over, go get it!

    And I also drink at least 2 cups of coffee a day. :)

  4. That pizza looks awesome. I don't think I could've given up on shopping. Haha. Hope you're having a great day!