Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's OK Thursday....

Happy Thursday Everyone! 

YAY for it almost being the weekend :) My mom is coming to visit today and is staying through Sunday so it should be a nice combo of fun and relaxation. I'm also participating in the Climb to the Top event benefitting MS on Saturday AM with some coworkers! I used to participate in a lot of philanthropy and fundraising back in college through my involvement in my sorority. But since graduation there haven't been many opportunities to give back or get involved so I'm really excited for this event! 

How do you stay involved in your community post graduation from college? 

Anyway, I'm linking up for It's OK Thursday since I'm OK with a lot of things today! 

It's OK....that I'm obsessed with  Pret A Manger! They recently opened 2 in Boston and I love getting coffee and breakfast from there in the morning after the gym. The staff is always SO friendly and the place just smells amazing. Feels very un-chain-y which I like! 

It's OK...that a fun surprise arrived in my mailbox last night! My mom bought me new Kate Spade gloves! I love them and really like that they're called "the big apple" :) 
*since this was a gift, I'm still sticking to my no-shopping for Lent*

It's (really) OK...that I made it to Barre Burn this morning at the gym! I love that class so much! And I must say I'm proud of myself for getting to the gym before work 2x this week! 

It's OK...that my mom is coming to town this weekend! It means yummy food and good wine and some fun mother/daughter time! 

It's not OK...that it's March 1st tomorrow - um WHERE did the time go?? I feel like the days go by slowly (hello 9-5) but then all the sudden it's almost spring?! (not that I'm complaining about that!).

What are you OK with today?



  1. Hi! just found your blog, and I really like it!
    I`m Ok with the weather being weird (cold, hot, cold) because I know spring will be here soon.. :-)

  2. those gloves are cute. have a great weekend with your mom!