Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday!

Did everyone survive the first (and probably the worst) day of the week? I certainly hope so! Mondays can certainly be such a drag and I always end up drinking a bit too much coffee than I probably should have and the gym after work is that much harder than it is any other day. BUT now it's almost 10pm and a glass of wine deep and enjoying a new episode of Gossip Girl! 

How was everyone's weekend? I have to say, I had a great weekend! Plenty of good times and laughs with great friends :)

{out celebrating my friend Christina's birthday at Cleary's! Things got prettttty weird (in the best way possible on the dance floor that night...}

{ran into some good friends from highschool!}

{birthday brunch on Saturday for my friend Christina! Is it bad I order eggs benedict every single time I go out for brunch?}

{me and my big - the original princesses in the aephi princess pham!}

{me and some friends listening to love music at Hennessey's (local bar) on Saturday night - why does live music make everything more fun?}

Can't wait to read about everyone's weekend! 


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