Monday, April 9, 2012

Catching Up!

Happy Monday Readers! 

So since I've been so absent from the blog world recently, I figured it's only fair that I do a catch-up post! Even though I've been going through a bit of a rough patch recently, that doesn't mean there haven't been quite a few fun times out and about in Boston! Though ending this semester comes with a lot of nerves and anxiety, it also comes with a lot of fun, end-of-year events. April is going to be one busy, busy month with marathon monday, phormal and tons of different senior activities, I'm definitely going to be a bit crazed but it's important for me to try to enjoy each day or night with my best friends during the short time that we have left together! So to sum up the last few weeks- here are some photos! 

AEPhi's Mirror Ceremony! This is one of our ritual that occurs every year, the night before initiation!  

My NEW princesses! The bottom three girls are the newest additions to my phamily- my great-grand littles (why am i SO old?!) It's Lori, Rachel, and Shauna from left to right. I love and am so obsessed with each and every one of them! I couldn't have picked more perfect additions to my phamily! 

A few fun nights out with friends! 

The above two photos are from a weekend in Montreal! A fraternity from BU organized the trip and it was a really good time! The temperatures were like below freezing so there was not much sight seeing to be done but a few fun nights out and some good meals made for a great weekend! 

A little bit of day drinking to start the beginning of spring break :) 

Take Back the Night Rally with AEPhi! In light of all the recent scandal at BU, this rally was extremely important to me and my chapter hence our strong presence! 

A Phine Affair! This is my chapter's annual spring philanthropy event. It's essentially a benefit dance raising money and awareness for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation! Elizabeth Glaser was an AEPhi sister who was diagnosed with AIDs due to a blood transfusion and her children were unfortunately passed the disease as well. The organization is extremely close to my chapter's heart and we love coming together with our fellow greeks to raise money each year. This spring's event raised over $7,000! A new record for us! 

These two pictures are probably from one of my favorite events this spring. BARSTOOL BLACKOUT TOUR! It's essentially one big rave/concert hosted by Barstool. It's been to all the major schools/universities in the US and came to BU last week. We got a group of about 50 of us together to take a party bus to the concert and back. I posted a video to give you an idea of what it was like! I had NO idea what to expect and honestly didn't know if this type of thing was going to be up my alley but turns out it definitely was! I mean what's better than music and your best friends? Plus a little neon didn't hurt either! 


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