Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday Readers! 

And Happy Valentine's Day to all of you who have a loved one to celebrate with! I have to say this holiday is a bit (insert VERY) depressing for me so I'll be celebrating with cocktails and a few friends tonight! No reason to spend Valentine's Day alone! Anyways, I'm linking up with Just Peachy for Top 5 Romantic Comedies! I will 100% not watch any romantic comedies at any point today for fear of extreme waterworks ahaha but here are my top 5 romantic comedies (aka rocos'!) in no particular order. 

1. You've Got Mail 
This movie is sooo 1998 but I can literally watch it over and over again. It could be that I've always been a big Meg Ryan fan (and Tom Hanks- helloo Forrest Gump?!). I also loved, loved the little book shop and the secret email affair that they had and how they finally came together at the end! AH! As I said, could literally watch it over and over again! Most underrated movie of the 90s. 

2. Breakfast at Tiffany's 
I feel like I would be betraying my love for Audrey if I didn't mention Breakfast at Tiffany's. I absolutely love anything and everything about this movie and Audrey Hepburn. Nothing more needs to be said. 

3. A Walk To Remember 
Such a sad movie, but also such an amazing love story. I was in love with this movie in Junior High and remember counting down the days until it came out on DVD. I became OBSESSED with Shane West and desperately wanted a junior high version of him to whisk me off my feet (sigh...that never happened). 

4. The Notebook 
I mean how could I not mention the Notebook- one of the most classic, popular RoCo's of all time. I can probably quote 70% of this movie (don't judge). Again, this a movie I can watch over and over again and would never get sick of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling (ever). 

5. Friends With Benefits 
This is one of the more recent romantic comedies I've seen (aka I saw it on Saturday for the first time) and I really, really liked it! The one-liners in this movie were SO good and the love story wasn't so bad either! And who doesn't love a good Justin Timberlake movie? 

What are your Top 5 Romantic Comedies?! 



  1. You are right about You've Got Mail being underrated! SO good and so is the soundtrack!

  2. I completely agree with You've Got Mail, A Walk to Remember, & the Notebook!
    Have you ever watched the old movie that You've Got Mail is based off of (The Shop Around the Corner)? If not, you should!

  3. I love your movie choices! You've Got Mail is an oldie but GOODIE! I might watch that later!

  4. oh man how could i forget about "you've got mail"??!?!! i love that movie too :)

    and yes, definitiely go rent "water for elephants"

  5. Awww love all these!! Some day your prince will come, I promise!! Enjoy your time now, it will all change someday. Hope you had a great day!