Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's OK Thursdays!

Happy Thursday Readers! 

Today I'm linking up with Neely and Amber for "It's OK Thursdays"- another favorite link up of the week! There are a ton of things with I'm OK this week! 

It's OK...that it's Thursday which means the weekend officially starts tonight! 

It's OK...that Monday is President's Day which means no classes, no internship, no work! YAY for a three day weekend. 

It's (not) OK...that I have my first exam of the semester next thursday so a majority of this weekend will be spent studying...womp womp

It's OK...that I'm going to see the Vow this weekend with my roommates! CANNOT WAIT! 

It's (REALLY) OK...that big little week starts NEXT WEEK! Even though I'm a great grand big (oh my gosh I'm OLD) I still love to obsess over our three new additions to the princess phamily! I can't wait for reveal! 

It's OK...that I spent Valentine's Day with my best friends- couldn't have picked better people to spend the day with! 

What are you OK with today?!



  1. I love that your weekend starts tonight! I kinda feel that way too since Joe has Fridays off. Good luck with the studying and can't wait to hear what you thought of The Vow! :D

  2. sounds like a great valentine's day!

    i just saw the vow and LOVED it!!!

  3. So jealous that your weekend starts tonight! I have to work Saturday as well. BOO! and I totally get what you mean about obsessing over Big/Little week. I'm not even in the chapter anymore and I can't wait to be a great grand!

  4. The Vow was so great. You'll love it!!

  5. Thursday starts my weekend too! It started at 2:30 today!! I couldn't be happier about it!

  6. I wish we had Monday off! Soooo unfair. I loved The Vow!

  7. I would love a 3 day weekend. However, I still have work and school. I still haven't seen The Vow yet. I hope I get to see it soon! Have a great weekend!