Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer TV List :)

Happy Friday Readers! 

It's finally the weekend!! And I could not be happier! I think no matter if you love your job or not, the weekends area always needed and a welcome break from a busy work week! My mom is visiting this weekend and we have a few fun things planned! I'll update ya'll on Monday :)

So as if you all didn't know I'm a HUGE TV junkie! I would prefer to watch 4 episodes of a television show over a movie any day. (call me weird, I know) During the year my list includes (but is not limited to) 

Desperate Housewives 
Once Upon A Time
Pretty Little Liars 
The Lying Game 
Gossip Girl 
Hart of Dixie 
Law and Order: SVU 
Grey's Anatomy 
Blue Bloods
Game of Thrones 

....I'm actually sure I'm forgetting one (or 2) 

But during the summer TV is seriously lacking but I have 5 shows I try to keep up with each week! 

1. Pretty Little Liars 

Who is not obsessed with this show?! I mean it's literally addicting, and kinda scary? I mean we thought Mona was A but she's not working alone! Intrigue, drama! I'm obsessed! And it's not too bad staring at this guy every Monday night...

2. True Blood 

I've been watching ever since season 1 and I'm still a huge fan. Though I think some of the story lines have taken some interesting or just straight bizarre, I'm still hanging in there. This season is already to shaping up to be a pretty good one! 

I could probably stare at Eric all. day. long. 

3. Real Housewives of OC

I love how flashy the OC housewives are. Truth be told, I rarely watch the housewives series during the year (was going to say school year...guess I can't anymore) but during the summer they are the perfect mindless distraction. I'm actually loving Heather (the newest housewife this season), even though her acting career is a bit questionable- she definitely seems like she has a smart head on her shoulder and her marriage seems happy and normal! 

3. Real Housewives of NYC 

I'm always so-so with the real housewives of NYC- ever since Bethany left I never felt like it was the same :( But I do like the new additions to the cast! Definitely needed to spice things up! The whole Jill and Alex drama was getting boooringgg. 

My fave new housewife is Heather so far! I like that she is actually a businesswoman and doesn't just market off of white wine (cough Ramona cough) 

5. Real Housewives of New Jersey 

By far my favorite housewife- no matter what the ENTIRE world says about her haha for some reason I will always have a soft spot for her! 

Well that sums up my summer entertainment! What are your fave shows to watch during the summertime?!

Have a great weekend! 



  1. I love Trueblood too. I would say its a tossup between Eric and Alcide. Have you read the Sookie Stackhouse books? They are good. I also love all the housewife shows. I am liking Heather too!