Tuesday, August 7, 2012

(Delayed) Weekend Recap!

Happy Tuesday Readers! 

Sorry for the delayed weekend update! I was feeling seriously under the weather yesterday so I wasn't up to posting! Anyways- hopefully everyone enjoyed their weekend! Here's mine in pictures (thanks to Instagram!) 

{striped and jacks on thursday night }

{i spy The LevelUp at one of my fave food trucks in Boston}

{repping The LevelUp at BostonInno's Boston Fest}

{Fried cauliflower with curry aioli from The Dining Cart}

{Got to break in my new Lilly Planner! with a venti coffee from Starbucks of course!}

{I received my new monogrammed purse from Marley Lilly- I received a ton of compliments when I wore it out on friday night but I kinda wish I had ordered it in a darker color, I'm nervous I'm not going to want to use it in the Fall...thoughts?}

{Lucky, lucky me my apartment lost power from 11am on saturday till 3am on Sunday. HOW FUN! not at all..this meant eating lunch out, hiding out at Panera for 3 hours, and then hanging out a bar across the street from my apartment till 3am till the power came back...MISERABLE}

{can you guys believe it's AUGUST already! not gunna lie- I'm super pumped for the Fall- I cannot wait to be in my new apartment!!}

{This is how I ended a pretty crappy Monday:)}



  1. Wine is always a good ending to a crappy Monday!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog!

    That fried cauliflower looks DELISH! Wish we had food trucks where I live! :( Love your monogrammed clutch! I have been eyeing one from Marley Lilly for a while now (keep seeing it all over various blogs!) I love the color though... But, I know what you mean about wanting it darker.

    Wahh, don't remind me that it's August already (August means going back to work, lammmme!) And whats wrong with concluding your day with a glass of wine, crappy or not?! :)