Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympic Favorites!

Happy Friday Readers! 

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week- it's been a busy one! But definitely a good one :) Again, this weekend I have zerooo plans and I'm actually super pumped about! I've started reading Emily Griffin's new book and actually just started watching October Road on Hulu...has anyone seen that show? It was cancelled only after 2 short seasons but I'm actually enjoying it! I also definitely need to start sorting through and organizing some of my things in prep for my move at the end of the month! And paint! I have to paint my pretty pink room back to boring white :( But I can't wait to move! 

So I figured it honor of the US domination in the Olympics recently, I wanted to share my favorite Olympians so far! My fave sports to watch are swimming and gymnastics! I used to do gymnastics when I was a little girl (like every other little girl out there ha!) so I always enjoy watching! And then I also swam since I was 8 all the way through highschool! I was captain of my varsity team my senior year! So that's def my fave sport by far! 

Well obviously, my #1 is Michael Phelps. He has seriously made history and no matter what anyone says his talent and dedication to the sport is nothing short of admirable! 

Ryan Lochte, a Olympic new comer...or not really but I feel like he's just making all the headlines because of all his chit chat about how "it's his time" and how hard he's been training the last 4 years....well looks like phelps still got the gold in the 200 IM last night...

Missy Franklin... I mean honestly could the women's olympic swim team be any cuter? They all so friendly and just genuinely nice and normal! For a 17-yr-old Olympian she is blowing everyone away! 

Allison Schmitt- another Olympic cutie! Always smiling and peppy- coach said in an interview that she's a great girl to have on the team to help keep everyone's spirits up! Even trained with Phelps for London! Anddd she's been doing fantastic so far! 

Gabby Douglas...this little one was capable of bring the USA Team an All Around Gold and herself an Individual All Around Gold! She is absolutely amazing! 

Who are your favorite Olympians from London?!

And for your viewing pleasure....

Have a great weekend! 

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