Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Wish List!

Happy Tuesday! 

I must say Tuesday mornings are always significantly better than Monday mornings - can anyone agree? Especially when I start off my morning with Barre Burn (the best!) and Pret for breakfast. 

So since I've given up shopping for lent, I've obviously been lusting over a few things recently that I can't get my hands on until after Easter (or maybe ever ha since they're all $$!). 

Here is a few of my "wish list" items! 

This beauty from J. Crew Factory! I love shiny things in the spring and this necklace would add a nice sparkle to a bright blouse! 

The cold weather and boots are making my feet so eager to wear pretty flats! While I love fun colorful flats, a great basic tan flat is necessary for the spring and what's better than our girl Tory!

Oh hello pretty & playful shorts, I would like to find you in my closet tomorrow! (J.Crew does it again).

While I am craving spring, I'm alsooo lusting for the beach and sand and the pool and water, etc etc etc. This bikini is super cute and I guess I wouldn't mind her flat tummy either...womp womp. 

And of course a fun, bright purse is necessary for spring and I would very much LOVE this beauty from J.Crew (duh). 

Le sigh...hopefully once Lent is over one of these pretties will be mine! 

And to end and hopefully give you a giggle - watch this video! 


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  1. Loving that bikini and pretty much anything spring related!! Can't wait for warm weather.