Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

Happy Monday!

And sooo we're back to another week! My sleep schedule was seriously off because of day light savings - darn pushing the clocks forward so I'm feeling a bit slower/off today (well at least more slower/off than I am other Mondays ha!). I had a very low-key relaxing but fun weekend! I am definitely counting down the days until I leave for my trip this weekend! Sunshine, sand, & bathing suits - PLEASE!

Anyway, time to link up with Sami for my weekend recap! Friday night I spent most of the night in with a girlfriend and a bottle of wine and yummy thin crust pizza (which makes the whole experience feel much more healthier) and some good television. Boston was hit with some strange version of a snow/rain/hailing storm all day on Friday so motivation to actually venture out on the town was....nonexistent.

Saturday, I slept in, cleaned up my apt, made this yummy smoothie (frozen berries, a few pieces of frozen banana, kale, skim milk, & protein powder) and headed to the gym + a few errands!

Saturday evening, two girlfriends came over and I made them skinny baked broccoli mac and cheese from I have no pictures because it was honestly just not that good :( The recipe was fine but I had the wrong pasta (blame laziness) and the broccoli stayed in full pieces while in the recipe it looks like it was more broken up throughout the pasta. I mean it was definitely edible but I don't think I'll be rushing to try that recipe again :(

Then Saturday night I headed to Whiskey's, a bar in the Back Bay area, with some friends! Had a great time besides for 3 of the most obnoxious men who would not leave us alone until we had the manager & bouncers escort them out ;) I'm the wrong gal to mess with mister! 
Leaving the bar at 1:30am and getting home and it suddenly being like 2:45am was definitely...strange... 

Sunday morning after a considerable amount of water and aspirin (woops!) I headed to Newbury Street with a girlfriend for an afternoon of browsing, lunching, & picking up a few odds and ends! 

{who doesn't enjoy a little classical jazz in the sunshine on a sunday}

{OH happy cheat day to me! - "The Cape Codder"- turkey, bacon, chedder cheese & cranberry mayo on challah bread with sweet potato fries! please & thank you}

{Peanut Butter Fudge Cupcake from Georgetown cupcakes!}

{new super sale + coupon Kate Spade necklace, workout headband (essentially the only item I can afford from Lulu) & some cute new notebooks from Paper Source - how can I resist anything with macaroons?!}

{some vacation goodies from F21 - pool sandals, a bright headband for the beach, and colorful bangles that I won't care about if they get lost!}

Sunday night meant Once Upon A Time, Revenge, & Girls (True Life: I'm a TV Junkie), a load of laundry & some packing! 

How was your weekend?! 

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I hate when men have to be obnoxious! LOVE all your goodies you bought! I LOVE new goodies:)

    Stopping by from the link-up! :)