Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I definitely did - and I'm linking up with Sami to tell ya'll about it!

Let's start off with Thursday when my momma arrived! First stop was Neptune's for a quick dinner. Neptune's is famous in Boston for their fish menu and there is usually an hour + wait to be seated (luckily we went right after work so we were seated immediately). We treated ourselves to yummy lobstahh (w/Boston accent...) rolls. Usually lobster rolls are made with mayo but we had ours with melted butter. mouth is watering as I type this. We substituted the fries with a side salad (lame I know but after all the butter we just consumed we didn't think fries would be necessary). 

Then I settled my mom in at home (sad I had to leave her) and ran off to my company's fundraising event for the MS Climb at Ned Devine's Irish Pub. The event was semi-successful! I definitely had a lot of fun hanging with coworkers but I definitely think there could have been more people there. All in all we raised around $1,000 towards our goal of $4,000. 
*I personally rasied $300+ wahoo!*

{coworkers & sweet friends}

I spent Friday afternoon & evening with my mom! We went to a wine tasting at a local liquor store and then to a yummy dinner at Ricardo's. Followed by some tasty gelato - it was all in all a great evening (and I may have passed out by 9pm - woops sorry mom!). 

{lamb chops & mushroom risotto NOM}

Saturday morning came along and I was up at the crack of dawn to participate in the Climb for MS at the John Hancock building. About 15 people from my office participated and though climbing 61 flights of stairs was exhausting (and my back is paying for it today) I'm very glad I did it! 61 flights in 17 minutes - wahoo! 

{getting ready to start!}

{made it to the top}

I spent the rest of Saturday running errands with my mom and picking up a few odds and ends like these pretty tulips:

And then I had a delicious home-cooked meal courtesy of momma...

After dinner I met my sorority phamily for a drink to welcome in the newest members of the princess phamily! I cannot believe I am 4 year older than my great-great-grandlittle. Cue minor heart attack.... But the newest princess is wonderful and I love her already!

Sunday, I said goodbye to mom (see you in 2 weeks!) and spent the rest of the day catching up on TV shows and just relaxing! Sunday night looked a lot like...

{Chinese takeout & the season finale of Downton Abbey..cue the TEARS}

How was your weekend?! Can't wait to read about it! 


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  1. i have passed out around 9 the past three friday nights! hahaha.

    love the tulips. i need to go and buy some just because flowers.

    hopping over from the blog hop.