Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Lilly!

Linking up with Pink Preppy Lilly Lover to celebrate Lilly's 80th Birthday! 

And it all started with a juice stand...

Happy birthday to one of my favorite fashionista's, Lilly Pulitzer  who shares my love for everything pink and green!

After working at Lilly this past summer in NYC, my love for everything pink, green and floral was confirmed. Even though the hours were long, my feet would ache and sometimes the upper east shoppers would really get on my nerves, I LOVED going to work everyday! All the bright colors and patterns made getting over my frustrations a lot easier. 

In honor of this special day I'm wearing one of my Murfee's in "First Impressions", a navy Paley cardigan, and a Cassie Slub in Hotty Pink (perfect outfit for this dreary Boston weather!) What are you wearing to celebrate Lilly's birthday? 

Happy Birthday Lilly! 



  1. That cake is fantastic! What a great photo.

    I'm visiting from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover

  2. I love Lilly!! Her color schemes are great. That's fabulous you got the opportunity to work in the store in NYC!

  3. lilly is awesome right?! i think to celebrate her bday she would lower her prices 50% ;)

    happy weekend!