Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's OK Thursdays!

Happy Thursday Readers :) 
Today I'm linking up with Neely @ A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's Okay Thursday! There's a lot of things I'm okay with this week (especially today..)

Hey it's ok...

to have woken up this morning at 9:01am when I had to be at work at 9am..(um hello freaky internal alarm clock) 

to run to work in yoga pants, a t-shirt and my glasses (ew) but to skip my first class just to go back to my apartment to put normal clothes and makeup on (good thing I only live two blocks from where I work!) 

to be going home in less than a week! I cannot wait to sleep in my old bed and see my family! And especially to get back to work at Lilly Pulizer

to be accepted into both of the internships that I applied to for next semester, when I didn't think I would get either! (gives me a ray of hope for real-life job applications!)

to be overly obsessed with the french onion soup from Panera...I order it at least once a week!

to carry around my Lilly planner, Lilly mini-notebook, and Lilly post-it book everywhere I go...hey! when I girl likes to make lists- she likes to make lists! 

to sport my Vineyard Vines pullover today since it is such a yucky fall day :( 

to be excited that it's Thursday and that means it's the official start to the weekend! If you read mypost below, you know that I have a very exciting weekend coming up! 

to be continuously working on my Christmas list and send my mom 10 emails a day with new ideas only for her to respond with "aren't you too old for Christmas lists Elena?" NOO...a girl can never be too old for christmas lists right?!

to be planning my first GIVEAWAY for next week! I would like to reach 30 followers by that time :) Seasoned bloggers, any advice for going about planning this?

What do YOU say is okay today?



  1. Oh I love all your Lilly stuff! So cute! And while I'm not really a seasoned blogger, I would suggest you set the rules of follow for one entry. Blog about it for a second entry. I also like to ask my readers a related question for them to answer in their response too. It's fun reading all the comments :) Good luck & have fun with it!

  2. I love your Vineyard Vines pullover, I am looking for one similar for Santa to bring! Ha. I will be hosting my first giveaway when I reach 75 followers, we are both so close to our goal number of followers Good Luck planning!

  3. you're the cutest!!! ps: love the VV as always :)

  4. First of all, SUPER cute blog! And you are never too old for Christmas lists! I am totally jealous that you can order Panera's French Onion soup...that will be the first thing I get when I go home for Christmas ... there isn't a Panera around here!

    I'm a new follower! Can't wait to

  5. I'm your newest follower. Love the name of your blog and love White Zin.

  6. Never too old for making Christmas Lists! HA!
    Love the notebooks you carry for being a list maker.....I'm a list maker too!
    I'm a new follower.
    Amy's Life

  7. Good luck reaching 30 followers! I'm trying to hit 100 so I can do a giveaway too! :)

  8. I carry SO many notebooks with me all the time! I am totally a compulsive list-maker! I just found your blog and was super excited to see that you work at Lilly! I work at the Westchester store :) I'm sure I've talked to you on the "black phone" before!! Have fun working over your break -- the new stuff is amazing!


  9. I get the bistro onion soup like 3 times a week!!! Panera date soon?