Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shipping Back Up to Boston!

Happy Saturday Readers!

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and has started to recover from their food comas, come back alive from Black Friday shopping, and is winding down their weekends! I had a great fall break but was a bit TOO busy for my taste...I wish I had at least a full day off work to stay at home and relax, catch up on work/errands! It seems like this break just flew by which makes me even more excited for Winter break (which is UM ONLY LIKE 3 WEEKS AWAY?!

Tomorrow my sorority little sister is driving me back to Boston at 8:30am (yikes!) so I'll be road tripping all morning and we should get back to Boston mid-afternoon which leaves plenty of time to....decorate for Christmas! 

I cannot wait to get my tree up and finally feel okay about listening to Christmas music and burning Christmas candles ( I did just pick up two new ones from Bath and Body Works this break!- I think they have the bestt candles!) 

Over the next two weeks I'll be super busy wrapping up final projects, exams and papers, as well transitioning the new executive board (i'm done, yippee!), and maybe attend a few holiday parties! Over the break I got some things for friends in Boston and some secret santa presents which I'm so excited about! 

Over the next few weeks there will be a lot of this...

and most definitely this... 

haha probably a TON of this... 

hopefully, a little of this... 

and definitely this! 

Hope everyone has safe travels back to school, home, or wherever you may be traveling tomorrow! YAY to the official start of the holiday season! 




  1. your post just totally put me in the Christmas mood! i need to put up my tree stat and get some starbucks mmmm!

    hope you had a beautiful thanksgiving lady!

    XO, A

  2. I am so excited for Christmas! I hope you had a great break! Good luck with all of your work before Christmas break--I know it will be crazy!