Monday, November 7, 2011

Home Cookin' for a College Girl

Every college student knows those days when you're way too exhausted to think about putting together a home cooked meal or the hour break between classes and meetings leaves you just enough time to heat up a lean cuisine or better yet make a quick pb&j. Worst case scenario, you're forced to succumb to cheap, high-calorie takeout from your local fast food joint. BUT there are easy solutions to this cuisine issue that plagues college students across the country: simple, few ingredient recipes that will remind you of your moms home cooked dinners from back in the glorious high school days.

One easy recipe that I would like to share with you is revised version of my great-grandmother's "Chicken-in-the Oven" (not joking!). My family usually makes this in bulk for big dinner parties with tomatoes, onions and potatoes (it's to DIE for) but an easier version for just one is to just stick with the chicken and some spices! 

Garlic Powder, Sea Salt, Oregano, Pepper, some fresh squeezed lemon and olive oil to coat the pan. 
(just you enough of each spice to properly coat the chicken!)
ps if you think you're using too much spice- you're probably not! 

(Sorry for the photo of raw chicken- but THIS is what it should look like before you stick it in the oven!)
**I used legs here, but this recipe can be applied to any part of the chicken.**

And VOILA- 45minutes-1 hour later at 375 degrees, you have fresh, juicy chicken! 

Pair this with some rice pilaf and a fresh salad, like Martha's Salad here.

Use the left over chicken to make chicken salad or to make a chicken sandwich!

Any easy recipes you would like to share?! Comment here or email me and I can include them in my next post! 



  1. This looks delicious!! My favorite spice is rosemary, do you think I could add some in??

  2. I can give you another recipe which we call "Eleanors Chicken"....taste like BBQ chicken but cooked in the oven....It is delish!!!!