Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scarf How-To!

Happy Thursday Readers!

So I'm sure all of you have tons and tons of scarves lying around in multiple fabrics, colors, patterns, etc but do you always tend to re-wear the same three or so scarves every day in this chilly fall weather? Well I know I do. I just know they're always guaranteed to look full and cozy keep me warm in this chilly Boston weather. BUT what if you had a how-to guide to show you all different cool ways to utilize those 15 other scarves that are just collecting dust in your closet?! Well your wish is my roommate came across this neat video on Youtube and I can assure you it will become a daily watch in our apartment in the mornings! Take a look:
Wendy (the creator of this video) is a stylist who has tons of different fashion how-to videos that are all super useful. She offers her readers fashion tips and advice on her website Wendy's Lookbook (the link for her youtube channel and twitter can be accessed here as well). 

Just some of my favorite scarves...
1. Lilly's Murfee (maybe not the warmest but who can deny this beautiful pattern?!)
2. Classic from J.Crew (perfect for one of Wendy's looks!)
3. Forever 21 (Chunky and affordable- especially for a college gal like me!)

What did you all think? Useful? Silly? I would love to know! 



  1. A Woman Can Never Have Enough Scarves!!

  2. I was just thinking today about how I need new ways to wear my scarves!

    Love your blog, I'm your newest follower:)
    Also, I just graduated in May with a degree in Public Relations!

  3. Oh . Em . Gee . First of all, I used to live in Brighton & take Kenmore square daily but never made it to that restaurant, and second, that vid is amazing! I die of scarf happiness. :)