Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy (something) Birthday Daddy!

Happy Friday Readers! 

I would like to dedicate this my post to my wonderful, amazing DADDY on his something Birthday! (he would disown me if I admitted his age in the blog world!) 

I love my daddy very very much and I'm so happy that I'm able to celebrate his birthday with him each year since it's so close to Christmas! This luck guy got his favorite homemade brownies and a Lilly Pulitzer tie!

Love You Dad! 

(Dad while he was in the Navy in his 20s)

(My Mom and Dad on their Wedding Day!)

(Me and my parents in Chinatown when I was younger) 

(Me and my Dad and two older sisters apple picking!)

(Me and my Dad sledding in Brooklyn when I was very, veryy little!)

(Me and my Dad in Italy!)

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Hope everyone is ready for this weekend!


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