Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday Readers!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! December has been flying by! I can't believe I only have one more week left in Boston before I go home for about 3 weeks! And then when I return- we have formal recruitment and get new babies! WHY AM I SO OLD?

Well, as everyone else, December is filled with holiday parties, holiday shopping, baking, cooking, etc! It's my favorite month of the year! (Well besides May, which is my birthday month!). On Thursday, a few friends and I, got manicures for semi formal and did a little shopping on Newbury Street. One of my best friends is a brand ambassador for Madewell and was hosting an event at their store. It was 50% off sale items! Such a good deal! Here are two things I picked up!

I got both of these items for only $12! 

Of course, a trip to Newbury Street isn't complete without stopping at Forever 21! I picked up these items there: 
(I got these to wear with my semi-formal dress!)

(This looks kinda silly on a hanger- but it was a crop top with a cute cut-out in the back!)
(I've been looking for one of these for a while to hold my Lilly folders below!)

(So useful!) 

On Thursday night I went to a holiday party at Bijou (a new club in downtown Boston!)- it was a White Party in honor of the holiday season so the whole club was covered in white balloons and confetti! 

And then Friday was SEMI FORMAL! I'm not sure if like semi formal or spring formal better. Semi-formal has the Christmas feel but typically my chapter does spring formal at a cool location and it's always a surprise! Here are some photos from semi! I'm wearing a Lilly, Naomi dress! 

( I thought I had a ton more photos :( I'll update this post with more later this week!) 

Then on Saturday, I went to one of my professor's holiday party! It was such a nice time and her home was very festive! I've had this particular professor for 2 classes and I'm signed up for her Event Management class next semester! Everyone had to bring a dish or a beverage so I decided to make Brie en Croute. I'm going to post the recipe and photos tomorrow because I highly recommend it to everyone who needs to prepare an easy but delicious appetizer for a winter party! Here's the final product for now!

(It was a huge hit at the party!)

I spent Saturday afternoon Christmas shopping! I got presents for all my friends in Boston and a few for family in New York. I have to finish family shopping at home since I'm flying home for break, I won't be able to carry much! 
(Unfortunately we weren't able to get a tree this year :( so we put all of our presents around the TV- some of these are my roommates!)

Saturday night, my roommates and I had a family dinner! We made fresh pasta sauce, garlic bread and a big salad! As we ate, we of course watched 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family! I made cupcakes for dessert! 

Then on Saturday night, I decided to go to a Christmas party at a Harvard Finals Club (the plus of living in Boston!) The house had an AMAZING christmas tree and all the boys were dressed up in cute Christmas gear! It was such a fun night! 

AND THENN...on Sunday morning, my sorority had our annual End-of-Semester brunch! This is a big tradition in our chapter and the best way to get together one last time before the end of the semester and say farewell to sisters traveling abroad in the spring. We also do our officer installation ritual aka I officially installed our new president who also happens to be my little sister! I cannot believe my year as president has come to an end! It has been such a rewarding experience, that I would never change in the world. I learned so much about myself and gained so many valuable qualities that will most definitely assist me in the future. Of course, since I can't handle graduating and moving on- I teared up during the ritual (can you say embarrassing?) but AEPhi has been such a huge part of my life for the past year it's going to be SUCH a strange adjustment not being president anymore. But I know I'm leaving the chapter in amazing hands and I couldn't be prouder that my little is taking over! 
(Okay rant over...) 
(I'm on the right with the new president and my little, Steph!) 

(Incoming and Outgoing presidents, with our wonderful advisors!) 

So that was my weekend! I spent Sunday afternoon and evening watching an SVU marathon and eating pad thai haha- first night of no presidential responsibilities! 

Good luck to those taking finals this week! I finished all my major papers and projects last week so I only have one final on Saturday! 

ps be sure to check out Crystal from Coffee at Nordstrom's holiday giveaway! 
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  1. 1. SO jealous of your Madewell purchases, I love their stuff but hate the prices!
    2. You looked like you had SO much fun this weekend!
    3. I LOVED your semi's dress!

  2. I looks like you're having a great time! Nice pictures!

  3. I'm a senior in my sorority too and can't figure out where the time has gone!