Monday, December 26, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday Readers! 
(warning: photo heavy post!)

Can you believe Christmas is over?! I think December 26th is one of the most depressing days of the year! Going to work this morning in an empty city was pretty depressing- at least it was an easy day! 

I've been catching up with all of your blogs and it seems like everyone had a GREAT Christmas and Santa treated everyone super well! It was so nice spending this weekend with both sides of my family. Parts of this weekend were sad though...unfortunately my grandma, aunt and uncle had to stay in Florida this Christmas because of my Uncle's health :( It was very strange not celebrating with them since I've never celebrated Christmas without my Grandma but I guess as we all get older, things inevitably change. I keep telling myself that this just means that next Christmas, when everyone is in better health, we'll have the best holiday yet! Keep my uncle in your prayers for me- I would so appreciate it :) 

Well anyways back to the weekend...we started on Thursday night celebrating my Dad's birthday! We all went out to dinner to one of his recently discovered Italian restaurants in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The dinner was yummy and my dad had a great time- which is the most important!  

(opening a present from Alexander)

(hand drawn city skyline from Alexander!)

(my niece and nephew!)

(yummy mushroom pizza with fresh mozzarella) 

(Gnocchi!- very interesting version I must say)

(the next two photos are off decorated townhouses I passed on the way to work on Christmas Eve!- so cute!) 

After Dinner on Christmas Eve (no photos- sorry!) me and my parents went to Howard Beach (neighborhood in Queens) that are notorious for ridiculous light displays. This year there was definitely not as many lights as years pasts but it's still a nice tradition! 

Christmas Day

We hosted Christmas at my apartment this year and it was a crazy, fun-filled day! Photos to prove it! 

(Dessert table!)

(Kid's table)

(Some presents under the tree!)

(My niece eager to open her present from me!)

(One of my sisters opening presents!)

(My brother-in-law opening his new Lilly bathing suit trunks!)

(My other sister opening presents!)

(My nephew opening his new Leggos!)

(First course was homemade chicken soup with tortellini!)

(Getting ready to dig in!)

(The best Christmas dessert ever- STRUFELLI)
Fried dough dipped in honey with rainbow sprinkles- I mean could there be anything better) 

The beginning of the best card game ever- Mercante de Fare (Merchant at the Fair!) It's the silliest game ever and so hard to explain in writing but it's SO much fun to play and is a big Christmas tradition in my family! There's always one big winner....

(My nephew was quite the gambler)

And this year that was ME! I won the big pot at the end...

AND bought a monogrammed Marley Lilly with my winnings :)

Can you say best Christmas ever?!
Can't wait to keep reading about your fabulous weekends! 

Later this week I'll post a presents recap so I can share all the goodies Santa left me! 


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