Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday everyone! 

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and I can't wait to read all about it on your lovely blogs! I was back at Lilly today so I was able to finish the last of my Christmas shopping! Tonight I finished wrapping all my gifts and put them under the tree! The onlyy gift I have yet to figure out is something for my 9 year old nephew...he's really into legos? I guess...but also loves gameboy so I might stick to getting him a game- but any creative suggestions?! 

As I mentioned yesterday- I got home late Saturday night (the flight was 45 minutes long! hellooo flying is SO much better than sitting on a 4-5 hour bus ride- gah) and on Sunday we decorated my tree and apartment for Christmas with my niece and nephew! And then we were off to my cousins apartment in the city for a Christmas party! Here is my sunday in photos (warning photo overload!): 

(christmas tree before the ornaments...)
(Christmas Tree after! The tree is on the shorter, fatter side than we usually get- that's what happens when my parents pick it out without me!) 
(the same nativity set that we've had since I was a baby!)

(our nutcracker collection!)
(coffee table decoration) 

Cousin's Christmas Party!

(Set table!)
(Decorations on the window and some view of NYC)
(my cousins painted the back of their bar in their kitchen with chalkboard paint! And always have different colored chalk handy- it's the perfect way to keep kids occupied with little cleanup!)
(Roo- who has been in the family for years!)
(me and my wonderful daddy)
(homemade chestnut soup- AMAZING-perfect winter soup)
(leg of lamb)
(cornbread stuffing and stringbeans) 
*the cornbread in the stuffing was homemade...pretty impressive I would say!*
(Cranberry/Cream Cheese/Chocolate Cake...)
(One picture just wasn't enough!)

The whole afternoon and evening was a perfect first day back in New York. It was great reuniting with family who I haven't seen for a long time, especially around the holiday season. All of the food was homemade and absolutely delicious! My cousin's husband was responsible for the entire meal and he is an absolute genius in the kitchen! I'm glad we all get to spend Christmas together just next week! 

How was your weekend?!


ps so sorry that some of my pictures are horizontal- blogger was giving me a really hard time tonight! 

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