Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's OK Thursdays!

Happy Thursday Readers! 

I'm linking up with Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup again for "It's Okay Thursdays". Loving this link up and definitely recommend linking up with Neely for this! 

It's OK...that today was the last day of classes! Just one final until CHRISTMAS BREAK! I'm soo close I can taste it!

BUT It's (not) OK...that today was the last day of classes? Why? BECAUSE THAT MEANS I ONLY HAVE ONE SEMESTER LEFT OF COLLEGE! I don't want to leaveee....ever....

It's OK...that today is the start of the weekend! Such a great weekend coming up! Semi-Formal tomorrow, holiday party at a professors saturday (I'm making Brie En Croute...any recipe suggestions?!) and AEPhi's End of Semester Brunch and official Officer Installation on Sunday! aka that means that besides helping with formal recruitment in january, I can officially wipe my hands of my presidential duties. WOAH, separate post to come on that...

It's OK...that I finallyyy got my first manicure today since september (tomorrow is semi-formal)...the prices in Boston just kill me compared to how cheap it is in NYC. I can get a mani/pedi for only $20 back home! Such a steal! 

It's OK....that I tried to do some Christmas shopping this afternoon and ended up buying something for myself (okay maybe not okay, sorry mom if you're reading this!) But they were steals! I'll post photos tomorrow!

It's (really) OK...that I got an A- on this blog project! I was so happy/proud when I got my paper back the other day! And I love that this is something I plan on continuing even though the semester is over! 

It's OK...that winter break means being back at Lilly! Christmas shopping here I come! 

What's OK about your Thursday?!



  1. So happy for you the semester is almost over! I remember what a feeling of relief it was to have one more semester in the books! And it's definitely ok if you end up buying yourself stuff while shopping for others, especially if it's on sale!

  2. I hope you're having a blast at semi's and I hope you're taking lots of pictures!!

  3. I thought Christmas shopping was supposed to be for others!!

  4. Hope you had fun at your formal!